Wilmington Silver & Gold Refinery

Hours & Location

Wilmington Silver and Gold Refinery

(910) 620-0493


Monday - Friday: 10:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday: Call for appointment day before

Sunday: Closed

About Us

Small, Local, Friendly.

Wilmington Silver & Gold is a family owned and operated business. We treat every customer discretely with special attention that would be nearly impossible for large jewelry stores or pawn shops to emulate. 

What we buy:

  Bring in anything that you think is silver and gold for a free estimate. We specialize in buying and processing used gold, silver, or platinum jewelry in any condition, gold bars & coins, silver bars & coins, pre-1965 U.S Coins, Sterling silverware and tea sets, and more!

Cut Out The Middleman!

We have been in the business many years and have prided ourself on exceptional customer service and paying the most for your silver and gold. We pay the same day you come in!

What our customers say..